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Single Spotlight & Interview: Jack Woodward - Higher. Be taken higher with this heavenly harmonious and melodiously soaring song

Peppy, emotive and atmospherically rousing folk-music perfect for performing on a six string - that it works out fine is well audible when listening to Jack Woodward's single 'Fly Away'; but there is so much more to his music than just a catchy acoustic core: layers of vibrant melodies, infectious rhythms and soaring harmonies, they all complement the artist's  musical repertoire. That his compositional crafting therefore can be pretty rich and vivacious in sound shows whilst spinning the songsmith' powerful and upbeat anthem 'Let It Happen', with Woodward's vocals ranging from confident to spirited in no time

Putting out 'Higher' today the 24-year-old reaches for new heights by effortlessly blending the cozy, warm flair of folk-fantasia with the glowing, glamorous spectra of pop-pleasure: it's here that hauntingly elusive and emotionally enthralling, melodiously copious and stirring sounds meet their charismatic counterpart in Woodward's soulfully yearning and ardent vocals. So better be ready for some serious thrills of joy when indulging! 

carpe carmina has talked to Jack Woodward about his new single 'Higher', the perfect gig moment and guilty pleasure songs; find what he has also shared with us. 

To get things started: describe your music with three words. 

Emotive, upbeat, catchy. 

Which of your songs is the one you would recommend to someone who is about to listen to your music for the first time and why recommend that specific song in particular? 
'Higher' I think it is the best song that I have written and probably closest to the direction that I want my music to take and the artist that I want to sound like. 

Think about which of your songs is the most crowd-pleasing one. Can you imagine why? (if you can't think of any, I loved 'Fly Away' right away. What do you think is it that makes this song so appealing to your listeners?) 

I think 'Fly Away' is received really well at most gigs that I play, although that may be because up till now I have played mainly acoustic gigs (without a band) and that song really doesn't need much more than an acoustic guitar and the vocal (anything extra is just decoration). It is very chilled, so easy for the listener to let it wash over them and take it in, not too intrusive. 

Name your favourite lyrics of any song you have written thus far.
'Higher' I'm very proud of the chorus lyrics in that song, though that may just be because they took me so long to write and so I'm invested in them, but each line has very powerful imagery that is painted by the lyrics. (writer's note: 'I can be a star forever, shining high above the heaven, I can be a supernova, so give it life before it's over ' for instance, such fine lyricism.)

Is there any topic you've always wanted to write a song about but haven't yet?
Being famous and seeing if it was really worth it to get there. But it hasn't happened … yet. 

Your style in music has changed a bit ever since releasing your debut EP. Now your songs are more energetic but still got their atmospheric, mellow melodic moments, too. What was it that made you go for a different direction with your forthcoming releases?

When I went back in the studio after releasing 'Fly Away' (my debut EP), I think that I was trying a few new things in my songwriting and going for something more catchy and energetic; and then we wanted to create some indie songs and sounds to appeal to that kind of scenewhich we have done ('Let it Happen' and 'Look Looking Around'). But along the way there were a few other strong songs, but it felt more natural to take them down a more pop route and sound, and therefore I ended up with a variety of sounds which is a good experience at this stage as I think I'm still experimenting a little and seeing what different styles and genres my music can take.

Let's talk about your recent single 'Higher'. What has been the most exciting experience in the process of making it, what got you planned for promoting it? A tour, a music video? 

'Higher' took a long time to write (over 3 months), I wasn't constantly at it but I accidentally wrote different sections at different times and then redrafted the lyrics for some parts 4 or 5 times, even once we had started recording it in the studio. I really enjoyed producing the other instruments on the song with my team and seeing the real character soul and drama of the song come to life in the studio. It has certainly set a precedence for the next song with that quality of the studio production process. I've been rehearsing with my backing band and we are now gig-ready, so we will be doing a little tour in January (in North-West England) to support the release of my EP 'Higher' which is coming in January. I've also done an interview a couple of weeks ago on BBC Introducing Lancashire and I've been reaching out to regional radio stations and blogs like yours for that much needed support. 

Can you think of any musician you would like to join on tour?

Tom Odell! I think that he is one of the best songwriters that I have ever listened to and I am a fan of pretty much every single song that he has released. He is a great energetic performer. I can also sing all of his songs (as we have a similar range) so joining him on stage to help him out with a couple of songs would be a real dream. I think I could learn a lot more about writing and the music world from spending time with him as well.  

What has been the most extraordinary moment you experienced whilst gigging?

Opening for Rae Morris at King Tuts in Glasgow a couple of years ago to a sold out 300 strong crowd was pretty amazing. I had a really attentive audience (silent through most songs, especially 'Fly Away') and I really felt they appreciated and took in my music. It can be hard at this level to get a crowd that big to be so attentive, so I hope I'll get to play to another like it again soon. 

How would your perfect gig moment look like?
(which song? what venue? what kind of audience?what other bands? et cetera )
I would love to headline somewhere like the Royal Albert Hall (just like the Killers did) and have it play out with the same energy and happiness as that famous 'The Killers' gig did back in 2009. Plenty of catchy anthemic and energetic songs with my 5-piece band, and then a couple of chilled out and intimate ballads somewhere in the middle with myself and a guitar or piano. Someone like Tom Odell or John Mayer on the support slot would be pretty amazing too, a little more chilled than my music just to be on the safe side, ha! 

What music do you listen to …when you are driving? … shortly before you go on stage to perform? … when you work out? … when you're in the mood to dance?

To be honest, because I spend so much of my time playing, writing and hearing music, that when I get a chance to, I like to have a bit of silence and peace just to process everything that I've heard and all the information and thoughts racing around, and be with myself for a little while. That goes for before going on stage as well, I like to have a little quiet time and get in touch with and present to that moment. I do think there is too much of a good thing with everything… including music. And if I really want to listen to something, then I'll have to have a bit of a clear mind to do so and really take it in.

Now the tough questions. What's your guilty pleasure song?
And is there any song you have written that you now can't stand anymore? 

'Man! I Feel Like A Woman' – Shania Twain. If that comes on and I'm out with friends or socialising, I can't help but just be a goofball and not take things seriously, as it really takes the reigns off, and I have some great memories from my uni days with that song and nights out. 

As for songs I can't stand, there's probably about 30 of them, ha, but they were written so long ago that it was just part of the process of development. So they come back now in parts of new songs more evolved.

Last but not least. This one is a question every musician interviewed is asked: what is that you appreciate most about carpe carmina

The encouragement and motivation of your fast and very supportive feedback. At this stage I feel its mainly about exposure and finding some audience for my music which you guys help with so much!

Thanks for taking time to answer these questions, Jack. carpe carmina definitely looks forward to hear what else you have been working on to make your forthcoming EP 'Higher' happen! 

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And don't forget to feature 'Higher' on your spotify playlists, it's a worthy inclusion for sure! 

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