Montag, 30. Dezember 2013

The Cornerstones - Stand In Line... an aligned yet eclectic compositional cornerstone of vibrant sound and heavy resonance

Good music is worth the wait. The Cornerstones has been one of the first bands who ever reached out to me on twitter (the blessed land of vast music aptitude and extensive indulgence) and their songs made a lasting impression on me. With vibrant, tense and incisive melodies, with subtle, brisk and ardent vocals of raucous resonance, moreover with a promising debut album already released back in the day, the london based rock foursome left me eager for more. Their second album was in the making, they said, and so the wait began. I was lured in, held on patiently, knowing that the days, the months that passed, time spent by the band with composing, rehearsing and recording, would eventually pay off for the eager audience, would eventually be endorsed by me. As good music is worth the wait, music also takes time come into being, to evolve, to be elaborated to both the musicians' and the listeners' approval and satifaction.

Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

Interview with the one of a kind acoustic rock band Joe Symes and the Loving Kind (.. or: the story of how I made my first interview experiences)

DrBones' music show (canadian music podcasts via

I still can recall my first interview 'experience'. All too well in fact. The tingling excitement, the pleasant anticipation, the touch of nervousness of which I now - as almost one year has passed since then - like to believe vanished once I started to ask the questions I prepared. But I can tell, it hasn't, my voice, slightly trembling, told so, I knew, probably the band knew too and all the listeners did certaintly notice it as well. 

Montag, 25. November 2013

Album Review: Wullae Wright - The Orange Line. A mesmerizing, melodically challenging musical maze

Myth. Enthralling and eclectic stories unfold and cast a spell on their audience. Swift and surprising events pass by, vague details gleam, concrete and form a ponderous and defining narrative frame. Tension grows, is strained and temporary resolved, only to be picked up once more, this time though to last until the very end. The aftermath is stirring, evocative and most likely satisfies.

Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

Album review: 'Joe Symes and the Loving Kind' - acoustic abysses of harmonious, bluesy depth and rousing, ambient melodies

Love is almighty and unpredictable. Music love is so too. It strikes you, often by surprise yet comes with the pleasant feeling of certainty and intensity. You fall for songs that bare the composists', vocalists' and instrumentalists' soul and emotions, that reveal tonal, vocal and lyrical characteristics to cherish, that unleash enthusiasm about and eager excitement for the music to play on. It's somehow magical and once your under the music's spell you're mesmerized … and you're wondering, wondering if there's any chance to see the artists behind those compelling compositions live. Often it takes less to realize you can't. At least you can't see them all. Social media makes music accessible though: it's an easy and rather quick process to find songs, all you need to do is to listen. To the musicians promoting it, to the sound that is about to evolve. In the age of connecting and sharing, you're also offered acceptable alternatives (yet not equally qualitive options) to make up for missed live shows: live streams of performances, live in concert dvds and live albums.

Samstag, 28. September 2013

A blog update: Let the music be heard... thoughts on artists&songs (including a song review of TiTORS iNSiGNiA's charity single 'Freedom Fighter')



                                   'Can nobody hear me? I got a lot that's on my mind .....'

                                                                                                                                Imagine Dragons - Hear Me 

Silence. Noise is anticipated and one can sense the distant, the yet undefined but already animate and strained reverberation of impetuous, of eager tonal eruption that is about to grow stronger, that is about to resonate. Silence. Of even more depth right before its expirationThen  a singular, maybe at first reserved sound, soon a complex and sonorous sequence of chords and chimes  intense in vibrancy, stimulating in timbre, determined to appeal to one's senses, to eventually stirr one's soul. It invades the air, rings in one's ears, it's heard. Silence once more. Only the insipid echo of bygone melodies in one's head, but … a lasting tonal imprint on one's heart.

Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

EP review: The Wild Young Hearts - ‘Pretty Girls’. No shallow but complex and steady rock music

Cover of  'Pretty Girls'

With the narrowly defined and conclusive title the 4-piece LA based rock band The Wild Young Hearts, formerly known as Streetcar Rendezvous (when people struggled to pronounce and write their band name correctly the guys thought it would be best to make it more obvious and easy and TWYH was bornhas chosen for their second EP (‘Pretty Girls’), the listener might anticipate and connote light and shallow music, music one has heard before somewhere else, music that covers themes often dealt with: love, relationships, attraction, heartbreak. But if the audience is willing to look deeper, to grant the songs time to evolve, it soon finds that the themes might mainly be nothing new, the music approach and execution though is striking. In fact the staging and arrangement of songs on ‘Pretty Girls’ show both diversity and notability.

Rock 'N' Roll advocates: The Wild Young Hearts 

Donnerstag, 15. August 2013

Album review: ‘Fair City Riots’: TiTORS iNSiGNiA make a noise and cause a stir with unaltered, rough yet thrilling and inspired rock music

Coincidence or fate, I distance myself from deciding on this, but one thing is certain: the run of events that led to writing this review appeal at least to me inevitable and can be traced back to a moment in my life I still recall as a very precious and defining one: it has been the day that I started writing song reviews. And it has been the day I was introduced to remarkable and refined rock music, genuinely embodied by the St. Helens based four piece indie rock set TiTORS iNSiGNiA

Sonntag, 4. August 2013

Can you feel the blues? - The Ganders grip with grungy, grand and ambient sound. EP review: 'Hurricane' (2011) & 'Slipping In' (2013)

Never change a working conceptThe Ganders’ music relies on the thrusting and edgy vocals of Darren Jordan, as well as on its bluesy but vibrant and imposing instrumental arrangement that hits the mark by combining hooking guitar, blurry yet brisk bass (Dan Hickman) and dynamic drum (Paul Byrne) sound. With songs as energetic and forceful as theirs, the listener soon finds himself  under a spell of grungy and enigmatic vocals, fascinated by a sonorous and vigorous instrumental staging: rapid, rousing drums bond with  precise, strident still striking guitar riffs and ravishing, obscure bass melodies. Concisely, these are the defining tonal elements which enhance both EPs  - ‘Hurricane’ (2011) and ‘Slipping In’ (2013) - of the 3 piece, Birmingham based bluesy rock band.

Montag, 22. Juli 2013

Album review: The Nursery - 'Carnival Nature'. A multi-layered, colourful and surprising musical event

It’s a magical, inspiring moment. A moment of anticipication. Of expectation and excitement. Eventually of belief. One believes in those people who are involved to create something worthwhile and wonderful, expects them to conceive something which is memorable enough to linger on one’s mind, to leave a lasting impression, still expects them to come up with something unique enough to take its listener by surprise, to stir his mind and soul. The longing for something notable and new is in the air, intangable for now, but noticeable. One’s waiting to embark on what is currently merely but a concept, one’s yearning to indulge into what is yet nothing but a draft, ready to open up to it, to make memories based on what the people behind a composition entrust one to hear, entrust one to connect to.

It’s a magical and inspiring moment indeed when you’re told that music is in the making. Especially when the time has come to debut music to an audience, to strike a new path - musically. It’s this ‘intimate’ moment I recall in respect to The Nursery. What’s now known as the canadian indie pop foursome, all began with Alex Pulec’s endeavour and desire to write and compose songs on his own terms, what eventually made him leave The Ruby Spirit (spirited and experimental, striking pop music well worth checking on: and search for a way to express his views on and approach to music in a more personal manner.

Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

'Hostage, hostage, I swear, it's gonna hold you hostage' .... Reasons why to be fascinated by Midnight Hour's sound

It’s said the core of every composition are the lyrics. It’s them to appeal to the listener and to make them relate to the story told. And the one who’s telling the story, who’s puting all his heart and soul into painting a vivid and haunting picture with the words  spoken, better said sung, is the vocalist. He is  the band’s front man for a reason -  most likely he’s the one who has composed and ellaborated the lyrics therefore the song’s message and deeper meaning, he’s the one to reach out to the listener’s heart with the words his inspired and receptive mind, lastly his very own heart have originated.

The instrumental parts on the other hand breathe life into a song, let the listener find melodies to linger on his mind, melodies to move along to as the lyrics move him inside. The sound of the instruments back  the vocals, strengthen, stress and amplify them - at times they even outshine the vocals. The moments they do, it shows each and every band member has his value, the right to be in the band as he contributes to the music created, as he helps to let the sounds evolve and unfold. 

Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

„Is this coincidence or is this fate ..“ - Midnight Hour. The process of becoming an established band


                                                                                                   'Can’t Get Away From You'

Midnight Hour. The first name the band members could agree on. A name that brings countless great memories to mind - for them being in this band, for me being a fan of their music almost ever since the very beginning of their emotional and inspiring journey as musicians. A name that stands for so much more than like-minded, gifted artists coming together in order to compose authentic and deep felt music. It stands for growing into being friends, family, it also stands for music enthusiasts like me, who have found the core of Midnight Hour’s compositions, the one reason (actually there are plenty) to show support to them whilst they try to make it worth one’s effort. And believe me, it is. But what does Midnight Hour mean to you? In general, individually? After reading about their story, after reading what made me connect to the name, the band’s music, hopefully it’s gonna be connotations like these that linger on your mind every time 'Midnight Hour' sounds, both the name and the music: soulful songs. heart-warming vocals. energetic instrumental backing. authentic and passionate live performances. Southern California. Alternative Rock. Modern Love. KROQ. Brad. Dan. Tim. Jeff. Mark.

But who are the people behind Midnight Hour?

Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

Band Spotlight: High/Low

A wise man once told me that brevity is the soul of wit

Ok, let's be honest: I was told so yesterday by a (former) musician and (forrmer) fellow blogger.* And it's the short version of what he actually said, so lesson learned, I believe.

Despite these altered circumstances, there's unaltered truth within his words, that's why I'm gonna cherish and try to follow them. Starting now. 

Hence, let's get straight to what this post is all about: High/Low. A two piece rock band from Southend/Essex who is currently working on their debut album. Why does it concern you? It concerns you since they are an independent band searching for support. Any support. Mainly financial one.

Samstag, 8. Juni 2013

Carpe carmina - just another music blog?!

- music and motivation -

'Listen. Can you hear it? The music. I can hear it everywhere. In the wind ... in the air .. in the light. It's all around us. All you have to do is open yourself up. All you have to do, is listen.'

- August Rush 

This blog is dedicated to those who are dedicated to music. To those who are willing to open themselves up for all the splendor and variety of music. To those who show passion for music - no matter if it's listening to, making or promoting it. You're the ones I'm reaching out to. This blog is dedicated to YOU. 

It's said every day you spend without a smile, is a day lost. And it's true. You gotta seek for something to make you smile every once in a while. It has no reason to force it, take it as it comes. I did and found it's music that makes me smile, makes me feel comfortable and satisfied with all the things being. Now there passes no day, I'm not listening to music and by listening to it I mean decent and attentive listening. It's an adventure for me on every occasion as I love to explore all the depths within a composition. It's music that makes me smile, music I'd like to share with you, if you let me. 

So, come along on this journey, listen and feel free to recommend, to be involved, to show support to musicians (see them peform, promote their music if you like to, purchase their music if you consider it's worth your money - and honestly, it is, it is since the musicians have not only put heart&soul into creating their songs, they have also invested passion, time and money to elaborate songs you're gonna enjoy daily, lastly they have created the songs for you, the listener, the fan, the supporter!), to share your love for music and to check on here occasionally

This is probably just another music blog, hence why shall you care? Care because it's run by someone who is passionate about music, who is fully committed to it, by someone who dearly loves music. I do. And I'm quite convinced you're gonna find this enthusiasm within my blog posts, which are mainly  gonna be about bands/musicians I fancy, about music I listen to, about the music institutions I'm involved with (Dr.Bones music show, Square Pig's Sty Rockin Chart, Radio Kaos Caribou). Every now and then, I'm gonna post reviews , gig information, playlists/songs ('Song Of The Day/Week') and - as a matter of heart - hereby I'll give it my best shot to promote the bands I've grown fond of more efficiently  and by all means. Which basically means I'm gonna ask YOU to check on their music, to purchase it if you like what you hear, to help fund their album projects, to vote for them if they are participating in a contest in order to arouse attention for their music, to tell your friends about them, to blast their songs out loud and let the world know you're a fan, let people know they should listen too - literally. 

Lastly, I'm gonna ask for your support. Support me in supporting them! I know that's quite a list, but I also know it will be worth my effort, as I know the music I'm gonna tell you about is something special, at least to me, hopefully also soon to you, and as I know I can count on your help. This being said: music enthusiasts assemble.  

Now, carpe carmina. Seize music, bond to it, lose yourself in its wide dimension of tonal pleasure, simply put: bright up your life with it and enjoy it to the fullest. Listen!

To be continued ....