Dienstag, 14. Februar 2017

carpe carmina cupid: Lewis Bootle steals hearts aplenty with this charming exclusive of 'The Seed'

'Can't force the seed, just let it grow' - and there is no force nor time needed to make you fall for Lewis Bootle's invitingly intimate performance of this sonic stunner. With mellow melodies, soulful vocal flow and stirringly disarming storytelling 'The Seed' pierces to the heart, and carpe carmina is quite certain that the enthusiastic singer/songwriter knows about his music's very own charm and charisma - sprouting due to heartfelt and smart lyricism, due to its brisk, softly endearing timbre - just as much as we do (well, 'The Seed' has been song of the month on here in august 2016 for good reason(s) and it is surely melting hearts all over again now, especially on a romance-fraught day like feb. 14).