Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

Album review: 'Joe Symes and the Loving Kind' - acoustic abysses of harmonious, bluesy depth and rousing, ambient melodies

Love is almighty and unpredictable. Music love is so too. It strikes you, often by surprise yet comes with the pleasant feeling of certainty and intensity. You fall for songs that bare the composists', vocalists' and instrumentalists' soul and emotions, that reveal tonal, vocal and lyrical characteristics to cherish, that unleash enthusiasm about and eager excitement for the music to play on. It's somehow magical and once your under the music's spell you're mesmerized … and you're wondering, wondering if there's any chance to see the artists behind those compelling compositions live. Often it takes less to realize you can't. At least you can't see them all. Social media makes music accessible though: it's an easy and rather quick process to find songs, all you need to do is to listen. To the musicians promoting it, to the sound that is about to evolve. In the age of connecting and sharing, you're also offered acceptable alternatives (yet not equally qualitive options) to make up for missed live shows: live streams of performances, live in concert dvds and live albums.