Montag, 25. Mai 2015

carmina charm #13

Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony? 

- Leonardo DaVinci

It's harmony that your soul and mind embraces again when listening to music. As sound surrounds you, only some melodies firmly resonate with you, get an immediate emotional response - whilst their approach is a smooth and soft one, whilst they slowly, carefully but steadily cling to you, these melodies eventually grab you with an intensity and force that overwhelms, that fully absorbs and stirs. It's these very melodies that are in chime with your mind and soul, it's music that leaves an imprint on your being and mesmerizes ... music that charms

Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

EP Review: Liberation Of Man - Burning Bridges. Here's to a rockin', passionately rousing and thrilling musical beginning!

Dover-based Liberation Of Man did choose wisely when settling for their debut EP's title: 'Burning Bridges' marks a fresh start musically for both frontman Thom Cakebread and bassist Sam Moore as they have been with now parted alternative rock outfit Common Outlaw from 2010 to mid 2014. It's an exciting new beginning for the duo who have found active and creative support in drummer Matt Barker in autumn last year when the band gave their debut performance as Liberation of Man at The Harp Restrung in Folkstone. Since the EP launch of 'Burning Bridges' is set for June 6th at the same music venue, we have come full circle here. But what can the audience expect from the powerful and passionate group of three? The three tracks featured on the band's debut record bristle with explosive instrumental energy and firm vocal intensity, that's for sure

Dienstag, 5. Mai 2015

'We all are one in WEATNU' - Interview with Almark about electronic music movement #WEATNU, its driving force and rules, its successes and plans

'WEATNU is my gift to the independent world' - Almark, originator and head of the electronic music movement WEATNU - short for 'We are the New Underground' - did talk about the reason and inspiration for, about the driving force and philosophy of his 2014 established 'fostering and promotion project' that aims at unheard yet noteworthy electronic musicians to be acknowledged and appreciated for their sense of composing, for their musical audacity and creativity. WEATNU is Almark's 'take on how the independent electronic music scene has been ignored for so long', giving talented musicians with great potential (yet less means) a voice, an opportunity to be heard, to publish and sell their music without fees (with 70% proceeds of every sale going to the artist directly) - when part of the movement's own label, WEATNU Records; it's a chance to connect to like-minded musicians and producers, eventually granting those involved a place to communicate and collaborate.