Montag, 22. Juli 2013

Album review: The Nursery - 'Carnival Nature'. A multi-layered, colourful and surprising musical event

It’s a magical, inspiring moment. A moment of anticipication. Of expectation and excitement. Eventually of belief. One believes in those people who are involved to create something worthwhile and wonderful, expects them to conceive something which is memorable enough to linger on one’s mind, to leave a lasting impression, still expects them to come up with something unique enough to take its listener by surprise, to stir his mind and soul. The longing for something notable and new is in the air, intangable for now, but noticeable. One’s waiting to embark on what is currently merely but a concept, one’s yearning to indulge into what is yet nothing but a draft, ready to open up to it, to make memories based on what the people behind a composition entrust one to hear, entrust one to connect to.

It’s a magical and inspiring moment indeed when you’re told that music is in the making. Especially when the time has come to debut music to an audience, to strike a new path - musically. It’s this ‘intimate’ moment I recall in respect to The Nursery. What’s now known as the canadian indie pop foursome, all began with Alex Pulec’s endeavour and desire to write and compose songs on his own terms, what eventually made him leave The Ruby Spirit (spirited and experimental, striking pop music well worth checking on: and search for a way to express his views on and approach to music in a more personal manner.