Donnerstag, 15. August 2013

Album review: ‘Fair City Riots’: TiTORS iNSiGNiA make a noise and cause a stir with unaltered, rough yet thrilling and inspired rock music

Coincidence or fate, I distance myself from deciding on this, but one thing is certain: the run of events that led to writing this review appeal at least to me inevitable and can be traced back to a moment in my life I still recall as a very precious and defining one: it has been the day that I started writing song reviews. And it has been the day I was introduced to remarkable and refined rock music, genuinely embodied by the St. Helens based four piece indie rock set TiTORS iNSiGNiA

Sonntag, 4. August 2013

Can you feel the blues? - The Ganders grip with grungy, grand and ambient sound. EP review: 'Hurricane' (2011) & 'Slipping In' (2013)

Never change a working conceptThe Ganders’ music relies on the thrusting and edgy vocals of Darren Jordan, as well as on its bluesy but vibrant and imposing instrumental arrangement that hits the mark by combining hooking guitar, blurry yet brisk bass (Dan Hickman) and dynamic drum (Paul Byrne) sound. With songs as energetic and forceful as theirs, the listener soon finds himself  under a spell of grungy and enigmatic vocals, fascinated by a sonorous and vigorous instrumental staging: rapid, rousing drums bond with  precise, strident still striking guitar riffs and ravishing, obscure bass melodies. Concisely, these are the defining tonal elements which enhance both EPs  - ‘Hurricane’ (2011) and ‘Slipping In’ (2013) - of the 3 piece, Birmingham based bluesy rock band.