Freitag, 17. November 2017

Album Review: Puppet Rebellion - Chemical Friends. Familiar melodic flair, powerful anthems and strong tonal attraction

Chemical Friends. A title that should bring back memories of Puppet Rebellion's fine and forceful, musically riveting debut in 2013: it was back then that the band of five sent out their gloom-laden yet anthemic signature tunes to an eager audience – and, as it turned out, with aplomb; the confident and rousing sound of the tracks featured struck a chord with their listeners, still does today. Followed by two EPs ('No Means Yes' and 'Life Is In Your Hands', both dark and audacious, fervent and full of verve), the Manchester-based quintet finally dared the big leap by releasing a full-length record, going by the same name as their remarkable recording kick-off four years ago. 

Freitag, 3. November 2017

Charity Single: Liam McClair - We Should Talk. Adressing an important topic in a spirited and optimisic musical fashion

'We should talk ...' - words many of you might associate with a bad awakening, the foreshadowing of something deliberately devastating to happen, of news you rather not want to receive, of words you rather not want to be spoken.