Montag, 21. Juli 2014

EP review: Liam McClair - Honey. A mellifluous and soothing jar of heartfelt and heart-rending compositions

'How do I enchant this girl?' - Liam McClair has already charmed his listeners, and not only his female ones, with lyrical love vows and candid contemplations about belonging and destination in life, mesmerized them with his smooth and soothing melodies, with his husky, mellow and sensitive vocals. As Liam's second EP 'Honey' is at the edge of being released, the Manchester based singer/songwriter enriches the mildly and calmly flowing, reserved yet subtle acoustic soundscape that graces his debut record 'How' by installing a more versatile instrumental setting, one that comes in as a harmonic and natural evolvement for what has once solely been a mininmalist yet strongly stirring cocord of balmy, breathy vocal lead and wispy, appolonian guitar guidance

Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

No alternative but rock - 4 incisively striking pieces of rock glory: 2 EPs. 1 album. 1 song.

  Birmingham based 4 piece blues-infused alternative rock outfit

       Danny Core (vocals/rhythm guitar) - 
Luke Davis - (vocals/bass) - 
     James Tranter (vocals/lead guitar) - 
Anthony Byrne (drums)

Debut EP release: 'This Town Belongs To Me'
(release Dec. 20th 2013)

Cautiously deployed, ambient and misty riffage introduces the listener to 'All Worn Out' - the blithe instrumental opening though grows rapidly stronger when dashing, ponderous drum beats and a sonorously cracking bass line are installed, is deepened in sound by complemental guitar layers which oscillate in an ardent and pacy manner. Raucous and cocky vocals, crowned by a bold and rough timbral finishtemporarily adapt a whimsical and blurry colour, whilst being framed by a forceful instrumental setting. Within the distantly echoing vocal episode the song languishes, is indeed 'all worn out' in tonal tinge, smoulders with intensity still ... - to finally flare up in a thrilling stream of sound, as impetuous and hazy riffage, electrifying drum beats clash and swirl, as a grungy, brash vocal glimmer irrupts, if only briefly, but with vehemence