Samstag, 16. September 2017

Andy K Leland - Happy Daze ... for charmingly lo-fi, charismatically distinct and delightfully dark musicianship

Italian roots. Ex-bassist of an alt-rock band whose music is anything but mellow and vulnerable in style. So, what is it that you expect when hearing the very same guy is about to release his first solo EP via Matonella Records

Probably not what Andrea Marcellini aka Andy K Leland carried out within a 6-track-range: while giving 'Happy Daze' a spin, you'll encounter soothing, accentuated vocals, light, languorous acoustic melodies and witty, contemplative lyrics; at it you might just take Andy's musically minimalist, authentic approach to songwriting, his whimsical vocal ways as pleasant surprise that makes the whole short-lived listening experience (merely 13 minutes of music) for you an interesting and intriguing one.

Relying on delicate and dreamy acoustic guitar lead, 'The Kingdom' fully embraces its charmingly modest tonal nature. And as Andy's smooth, soft vocal whispers are rhythmically pronounced, it's the cunning lyrical content that strikes sharper.


Seemingly more buoyant and blissful in both instrumental and lyrical guise, 'Home Grown Muck' shines melodiously bright in contrast to its quickly exposed cynical, broody storytelling. Since august paired with an equally idyllic and likewise languorous (from its visual point at least) music video, Leland's second single release is more than suitable to be a perfect pick for serene, dreamy days. 

Mild and museful acoustic melodics create a cozy atmosphere to indulge in; and when you do it's the delightfully blue tone in Leland's voice that draws you more deeply into the wistful narrative 'Bistro Nights' passes on to the audience. 

Heavy-hearted and honest, 'Half Dead Dog' shows Leland at his most vulnerable analysing the state of his mind and soul when being exposed to how challenging it can be to live in a deathly cold world where everyone seems to only mind his own business. Accompanied by harmoniously drifting acoustic guitar play and topped off with stressed, emotive vocalism this short song might leave you pondering as well.

Being your own worst enemy can be tough sometimes, when doubting yourself without reason or warning. Penultimate track 'Mr. Panic' adresses just that and does so in a melodiously blithe way: floating acoustic sounds, confident, quirky vocals and catchy percussive rhythms come together and come up with the ideal recipe for a playful little tune

Short and (bitter-)sweet it is then how Leland says his 'Farewell' to the listener (but no worries, just for now). What makes the parting more bearable is probably not the composition's gloomy lyrical core but its sentimental, smooth vocal emphasis in combination with its low-key, atmospheric guitar arrangement. So, see/hear you next time, Andrea Marcellini; carpe carmina certainly can't wait! 

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