Dienstag, 14. Februar 2017

carpe carmina cupid: Lewis Bootle steals hearts aplenty with this charming exclusive of 'The Seed'

'Can't force the seed, just let it grow' - and there is no force nor time needed to make you fall for Lewis Bootle's invitingly intimate performance of this sonic stunner. With mellow melodies, soulful vocal flow and stirringly disarming storytelling 'The Seed' pierces to the heart, and carpe carmina is quite certain that the enthusiastic singer/songwriter knows about his music's very own charm and charisma - sprouting due to heartfelt and smart lyricism, due to its brisk, softly endearing timbre - just as much as we do (well, 'The Seed' has been song of the month on here in august 2016 for good reason(s) and it is surely melting hearts all over again now, especially on a romance-fraught day like feb. 14). 

Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2016

A merry christmas from carpe carmina: carmina suavia christmas special

As 2016 comes to an end and christmas is near here, carpe carmina looks back at a fantastic year of indie music, plenty covered on here, some yet unexplored but hopefully soon discovered and passed on to you. And what better way is there to celebrate both this joyful festive season and the mesmerizing music marvel of 12 months past than to share a playlist full of christmas spirit and indie glory, featuring charming covers, outstanding christmassy original songs and a couple of carpe carmina's favourites. So, enjoy while snuggling up under blankets, drinking a cup of cacao and spending time with your loved ones. carpe carmina will be back with brand new reviews, interviews and some exciting specials in 2017. Until then, seize the music and play it loud ... 

Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

Halloween special: It's getting spooky and thrilling when Kevin Morgan gives away what life after dying held ready for him

While most halloween-fanatic out there faces the looming clinch of trick or treat in anxious suspense, carpe carmina's readers are definitely in for a treat this very october's eve: mexico-based rock-musician Kevin Morgan raised the veil and chatted frankly about his life and death, about feeling like a zombie and dressing up as Bowie, talked movies and music, told the story behind his latest release 'The Things I Do' and explained his love for moody and groovy horror-track 'Lobo-hombre En París'. Now, put your witch hat on, adjust your vampire teeth and get into the right mood for what is one of the most eerily beautiful and arcane nights every year while learning all about Kevin Morgan and his scary routines.