Freitag, 8. Februar 2019

Getting started on a high: 5 singles to make you feel euphoric

photo courtesy of Crea Café

There's comes a compelling charm with new music, especially with those which sees the light of day at what is considered the dawn of a new beginning to many (also known as new year's eve). And though some of us might have let go off well-intended resolutions already or simply realised that change isn't bound to moving from one date to another but comes with self-awareness and determination, most of us probably haven't thought of music being brought into the world this early on sets the tone for what is yet to come, for what is to be expected from artists in the sum of twelve months. Let's say it's a somewhat binding sonic signature, one to attest quality and heart, one to leave a good and lasting impression on the listener, one, above all, to keep the audience intrigued and interested, to keep it hooked and entranced. So let's see if these six singer/songwriters manage to get and maintain your attention deservedly.

Samstag, 29. September 2018

When singles mingle: 8 songs to fall for at first listen

Tickling excitement takes hold of you whilst diving into the unknown, bracing yourself to find new love, inevitably, intense, new music love, to be precisely, among these eight carefully selected genre-defying gems.