Dienstag, 23. August 2016

EP Review: Seegulls - Seegulls. An explosive, enthusiastic and energetic debut full of spirit and pep

It's not the eagle that glides with striking sovereignty on a buoyant boost of air this month, it's the seegulls. The chester-based 5-piece does melodiously bracing and brisk sonic stunts within 15 minutes of airplay and should feel rightfully exalted, as spirited and jubilantly upbeat melodies lift them up to the great heights their musical maiden flight surely will ascend to. 

By choosing 'Reach Out' as record-opener, the indie-rock outfit doesn't leave it at 'reaching out' to their audience, not in the slightest; in fact, they wow the listener with playful, breezy chords, dashing drum dynamics and gripping vocal vibes, showcasing sing-along quality that strikes big time and from the very beginning.

Wondering if there's a song good enough to keep up with this winning lead-in, musos will find the band's second single next; and it's one brimful of uplifting tonal spirit and rousing melodic verve, reviving batman's catchy cartoon intro in a charismatically keen way while indulging in gritty and thrillingly buoyant instrumentals all at once. 'Good Enough' definitely doesn't take a back seat when compared to peppy 'Reach Out', it's equally vibrant and jaunty in style

More atmospheric in sound but still imposingly infectious, 'Explode' depends on both passionate vocal lead, functioning as the song's soulful heartbeat, as well as on bright instrumental harmonies; its exciting rhythms and vigorously vivifying riffage, in return, rather nod to the five-piece's familiar feisty musical signature. This makes for a great dynamic blend and 'Explode' easily one of carpe carmina's EP-highlights! 

Though coming in last, 'The Right Light' can be considered as the strongest compositional creation on Seegulls' debut EP. Why is that? Well, who can resist energetic drum vivacity that is fused with ostentatious tonal electricity discharching from powerfully electrifying guitars and confident vocal magnitude?! Exactly.

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The band's eponymous debut EP will be out this friday. Don't miss to get your digital or physical copy then. It's well worth it!

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