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Song Premiere: brand new friend - Forgetting Your Birthday (demo)

brand new friend

When those you hold dear forget about your birthday it's hurting; and it's only after moments of self-pity and frustration that misery transforms into anger. Though not dealing with such delicate topic precisely, demo 'Forgetting Your Birthday' is of comparable emotional cycle. 

Melodiously appealing and frank, brand new friend's latest compositional diamond in the rough is bedroom pop at its finest, sentimental yet full of outright clamour (and given its lyrical revelations, it's easily imaginable that a juvenile (once blinded) love drunk gives vent to his emotional tribulations while running for shelter in his own four walls; just that said youngster is an obviously charming vocalist). Moving from atmospherically brisk, however low-key acoustic ease to invigorating guitar verve, the song slowly picks up momentum and drive; it's almost as if the fool in love finally sees what others - most likely lacking the same romantic experience (knowing it all yet only from books) -  have been trying to tell him all along, namely that it's about time to break free from whatever has made him feel emotionally bound. A process of awaking is initiated, none free of doubt, yet one that leaves the moonstruck guy more self-assured, one that is moreover satisfyingly mirrored in Taylor's ardently raucous vocal tone, entailing a tenor that shifts between wistful wishful thinking and bitter revolt; as the narrative disenchantment proceeds, the listener finds himself increasingly enchanted with the passionately gripping sound put on show. brand new friend's music is, after all, none to forget easily, and neither is this raw and catchy gem.

Well, carpe carmina is not only lucky to premiere this brand new song from soppy pop-darlings brand new friend (having so much love for their pure and peppy sound!) but also got the chance to talk a bit about it. 

After carpe carmina tried to figure out what the story behind 'Forgetting Your Birthday' is (some effort was put in doing so for sure), let's  hear what it is really about. 

'Forgetting Your Birthday' is, like most of our songs, about a girl. She's fiercely intelligent and lives for literature; maybe because she finds her reality hard to deal with sometimes. It's about being young and terrified to jump into the unknown and how that fear might affect the future. No one really knows for certain, so a lot of it's just guess work; but hopefully people find something to relate to in it!
Is 'Forgetting Your Birthday' a working title or a definite song title choice? 

We think it's the definite title now! It's inspired by Taylor's utter cluelessness when it comes to important dates, not even specifically a birthday, just big things you shouldn't forget, that he does. Time doesn't matter to him...

Are you interested in delving into the acoustic pool of music-making too or do you simply start demos as acoustic versions and go from there? 

Every one of our songs are written on an acoustic guitar first, so it's something I think we'll always have in our music. But we also love playing loud & fast, and when we bring everything together in the practice room that's usually how it goes!

Proceeding from this demo, what would be added to make 'Forgetting Your Birthday' a version you would release as single or as featured song on a new EP?

This song is slightly different to what we've put out so far, so that's a tough one to call. We'd probably keep things very lo-fi and watch Lauren unleash one of her trademark synth solo's somewhere! 

Who out of you four would most likely forget someone else's birthday, particularly one of those in the band?  

 Taylor, hands down. He forgets everything.

And if you did, what would be your last-minute-gift to calm the waves? 

Taylor: If in doubt, I'd write a song! That's gotten me out of many awkward birthdays/Christmas'...
Darren: I'd offer up a full year of friendship. 

Fionn: Mine would be a meal from Mikey's, a burger place in Belfast. Unreal! 

Lauren: I would probably burn them a mix cd with some of their favourite songs!

Thank you loads, guys! ❤ 

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