Mittwoch, 20. April 2016

carmina suavia #2 (feat. episode 37)

Welcome back to another episode of carmina suavia, as premiered and replayed on french radio Radio Kaos Caribou. Enjoy an eclectic mix of exciting indie tunes and don't be afraid to play it loud!

Sweet, sweet melodies floating in the air - are you really listening to the music we share? 

I: the premiere date 

April 12th 2016

II: the songs featured

01. The Jackobins - One More Chance
02. Where Fires Are - Your Brother
03. Polar States - Times
04. Elephant & Castle - Girl
05. The Proof - Gone
06. Lazy Eye  - Katie Jones
07. Club Paradise - Dreamer
08. Alex Charles - Little Elle
09. Colour - Nowhere
10. Safari Gold - Tide
11. Will Samson - Pyrton Bells
12. Noiiises - Light Came Back
13. Thom Byles - In Your Blood
14. Douglas Francis - Wolves & Blankets
15. Electroshock Therapy - Go Make Your Move

Intro ('Love Collides') and outro ('This Is Where It Ends') provided by Midnight Hour's lead singer, Brad Lodge

III: the reviews given (via twitter)

  Be carried away by vivacious instrumental rhythm and infectious vocal intensity

Ardent vocal melodiousness, an energetically alluring soundscape

An excitingly swirling and dynamic instrumental setting, sensual and vibrant vocals

Passionate vocal blues meets glowing melodic vitality 

Playfully thrilling melodic momentum, gripping and bluesy vocal soul

A delightfully jaunty, catchy and harmoniously sunny musical ride 

Dreamfully drifting and harmoniously stirring acoustic appeal

Witty charm, expressive vocal vitality and groovy instrumental bliss pleases

Suspensefully surging, erratic and vibrantly electrifying melodic playfulness

Dulcet vocal smoothness is coupled with a dreamily floating and breezy sound

Hauntingly graceful and poignantly sensitive musical ease 

Tender vocal passion and shiny, soaring melodic ambience combined

A nimble and vivid acoustic guitar style, mellifluous vocalism

Soulfully spellbinding vocal charisma, a dulcet tonal levity 

Groovy vocal swagger meets excitingly intensifying, perkily driven instrumentals

Check on the previous playlist (carmina charm No. 36) here

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  1. Hey,

    I really like your blog and twitter page, also it's really cool you're involved with so much music-y stuff. I'm a british singer songwriter and I wanted to send you a link to the new track I've just released from my upcoming EP:
    you can also find me on twitter and facebook
    Twitter: @jacobmarchmusic

    Thanks for listening