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carmina suavia #1 (covering episodes 1-36)

Being on a blogging hiatus doesn't necessarily mean it's time to be idle and let all things music take a back seat from now on only. On the contrary; even though carpe carmina won't be graced with any new music reviews until early august (except for monthly carmina charm articles), music lovers can still count on being introduced to plenty of amazing songs and artists for the months to come. How is this possible, you might ask yourself in astonishment ;) Well, aside from speaking my mind aloud when it comes to (indie) music, sharing my musical musings with you all in written form since 2013, I also come up with playlists for french radio RKC (my journey as a song selector started in 2014) - and it's about time to present these versatile collections of tracks to those especially of you who can't listen (mark the 'late hour' it airs) or haven't listened to any of them yet (next week sees the replay of playlist no. 37 already). So, plug your earphones in, turn the volumne up and listen to bi-weekly musical magnitude and magnificence right here, right now and/or live each tuesday evening on Radio Kaos Caribou (carmina suavia (translates as 'sweet/dulcet songs') is played from 10pm (UK time) onwards). 

Sweet, sweet melodies floating in the air - are you really listening to the music we share? 

I: the premiere date 

March 29th 2016

II: the songs featured

01. Sam & Leigh - Heartbreaker
02. The Wild Wild - Sing
03. From Kid - Come In
04. Bellman - We Are The Guns
05. The Wild Woods feat. Jonny Stemps - Cold War
06. Nishe - (All My) Sense Blows
07. Miut - Money
08. The Roscoes - Closer
09. Oh, Be Clever! - Blanket
10. Dresses - Let Down
11. Mayflower - Sienna
12. Anna Hamill - Difference
13. Chris Pate - This Is The Moment
14. Katie and I - Wolves (live)
15. James Holt - Whispers
16. This Modern Hope - The Abyss

Intro ('Love Collides') and outro ('This Is Where It Ends') provided by Midnight Hour's lead singer, Brad Lodge

III: the reviews given (via twitter)

A powerfully staggering, anthemic and feisty indie rock sound 

 Brightly harmonious and vivifying melodic glory, smooth vocal vitality

A vibrantly pulsing and electrifying stream of sound, euphonious vocal harmonies

A vivid and suspensefully rhythmic soundscape, dreamy vocal allure 

An excitingly playful and vivacious song rich in atmosphere

An energetically dashing and gripping sound, sonorous and ardent vocals

  Brisk vocal drive meets excitingly erratic and jaunty melodic vivacity

A bluesy, groovy and thrilling sound, passionately rousing vocals 

A glowingly radiant, melodiously opulent yet moody sound, haunting vocal soul 

Wonderfully sunny and catchy melodic briskness, bright vocal euphony

 A soothing and blissfully buoyant sound, stirring vocal ease


Warmly inviting acoustic guitar melodies, strong and expressive vocalism 


Edgy and ardent vocal sonority, a playfully vigorous guitar rhythm

Heartachingly tender vocal vulnerability, a dreamfully floating sound 

A delicate, grand and dynamically soaring soundscape, haunting vocal charisma

An atmospherically rhythmic, elusively swirling and spellbinding sound

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carmina suavia No. 27 (incl. music from Fuzeta, Ste Scully and more)

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special episodes

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