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Live sessions and lyrical life lessons with Ali Ingle

Take a seat and enjoy the musical motion picture Ali Ingle presents (photo courtesy of Dave Turley)

In light of what can only be considered a fabulous foretaste of Ali Ingle's already announced follow-up EP to 'A Life Unlike Yours' (2014), recently premiered 'Hey Kid' hits home with lovers of melodiously buoyant and brightly imaginative music-making. What already has shown when the witty singer/songwriter showcased his new single live on Merseyrail Sound Station in september, now manifests in a memorable manner: an inspiring and intelligent artist is at work, combining moony juvenility and contemplative compositional maturity, fusing elating electronic playfulness and light sonic serenity, coupling haunting tonal depth and heart-aching melodic melancholia.

 - Merseyrail Sound Station: Hey Kid (live) -

'I heard that every lost soul loves the way you make them feel in control ...' - charmingly commanding still delightfully dulcet Ali Ingle's musicianship does not only stir said lost souls searching for a sense of belonging, longing for melodic guidance and comfort but also resonates with many by unveiling vibrant and soulful tonal territories, by telling emotive and graceful lyrical tales. Radiating a tender warmth and blissful levity easy to embrace, exhaling wistful wisdom and stirring sentiment, Ali's music invites its audience to indulge without hesitation, leaves no choice but to willingly and eagerly explore the musical finery presented, whether it's as live version or recorded song.

'(if I get to, get to, get to, get to know ya, then I get to, get to, get to) get to know my selfish ways of repeating a song. I never knew why, but I don't like to question.' - and neither should the singer/songwriter's audience when finding it hard to escape his melodiously inviting and rich sonic soundscapes. Ali Ingle's music is strikingly catchy and cleverly composed one, written in a wonderfully witty (see above lyrical transition) and sentimentally revealing way; i.e. play it loudly and proudly, again and again. What is seemingly destined for replay, shouldn't be neglected but purposely and enthusiastically enjoyed.

'Feet on the ground, head in the sky, you're just a kid with a smoke in his eye' - Ali Ingle is a dreamer, a creative soul blessed with vivid imagination and museful elegance in terms of songwriting and composing. Following this, the london-based artist excites and enchants with a dreamfully sensitive still powerful narrational style conveying heartfelt realism and alluring lyrical fantasia at once.

Creativity and talent without limits? Watch Ali Ingle's self-produced, sweet and 
spirited music video for 'Hey Kid

- Merseyrail Sound Station: Killer Crush (live) -

'In my mind it was purethough the truth was a droughtwith no high winds or rainfall to wash the taste from my mouthAs I crept to the edge with my head to the skyI dived into the killer crush before the rivers ran dry' - it's the blend of achingly honest lyricism and emotionally involving storytellingit's the symbiosis of mesmerizing poetry and vibrant imagery Ali Ingle's songwriting covers, that enthralls his audience, resonates with it in a way so pleasingly pure and natural

Precisely, what moves, even overwhelms when listening to the live version of 'Killer Crush' - taken from his forthcoming EP 'The Great Romantic Drought' - is the lugubrious still tender tone in Ali's voice - there is so much sadness and soul in it that one can't help but be struck by emotion; inevitably drawn into a rapid stream of intense feels and hauntingly radiant visual impressions, the listener experiences the song's narrational and tonal tenor in a poignantly intimate way.

And as both beautifully nostalgic and sentimentally yearning songs close, as the encouraging words addressed to a younger self that 'Hey Kid' delivers and the emotional elation then bitter conclusion of 'Killer Crush' fall silent (until the replay button is hit again - what is highly recommended in this case), it's the following the listener learned: you should be mindful of and trust your inner voice; you shouldn't be afraid of being a dreamer and neither of following your visions and ambitions, yet need to learn - in the course of growing up and getting where you want to be - that there are moments your efforts should be aligned and directed differently; you will face hardships and tragedy, be at the bottom and doubt yourself and your motives - struggling and making mistakes, however, will define and form you, will let you rise again as a more confident and competent version of yourself. Told by someone who has seen the good and bad, experienced highs and lows in life, these lessons hit the mark on an emotional level and create a fascinating and familiar narrative setting the audience can easily relate to. Ali Ingle hereby proves it once more: the london-based songsmith is an authentic and captivating storyteller, an experienced and creatively adventurous artist with great potential and vision, a genuine guy whose dreams and bright spirit inspire and delight tremendously.

This is the sound for a generation of dreamers, for the lost souls among us, for our inner childs, for the avid believers and free spirits, for the adamant optimists and the (secretely hopeful) pessimists who should know better. This is the sound for the ardent and sensitive music lovers, a pensive and soul-stirring story for all those who take time to listen, evoked and written by an intelligent mind and honest muser - Ali Ingle.

And the curtain falls - let's hear some applause for Ali Ingle (photo courtesy of David Turley)

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