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Eagerly anticipated release: Dirty Rotten Souls - I Bet She's Filthy (EP). Rousing, passionate and bluesy rock power rings out

The boys are back (finally!)

If you're a lover of bold, bluesy and vigorous, however stirring and museful rock music it's a safe bet to put (and actually spend) money on Dirty Rotten Souls' new EP; 'I Bet She's Filthy' provides you with boisterous and heavy, ardent and spirited compositional finery aplenty. Formed in 2012 the Stoke-on-Trent based rock outfit has been silent for a while after releasing a debut EP in 2013 alongside some hard-hitting, blues-infused and fiercely roaring singles mid 2014. Now the driven trio [Mark Bailey (vocalist/lead guitarist), Danny Nicholson (drummer)Mike Williams (bassist)] is ready to unleash a soulful and passionately rousing musical might anew. Watch out and listen up! 

Title track 'I Bet She's Filthy' sets the EP's tone in a sonorously stormy fashion: thunderous drumming and tensely howling, feisty riffage clash, the song's rampant nature is intensified by fuzzy amplifier sound, whilst passionate and boldly raucous vocals - cleverly measured out in timbric sass and blues - attack. What a fulminant kick-off

Back in the day (before Dirty Rotten Souls signed with Shark Free Records) the alternative rockers' energetic and powerful audio-extravaganza graced soundcloud, amidst the catalogue of sonic stompers, mighty melodic beast 'America'. Featured as a live recording now, the dynamic composition bursts with infectious instrumental vigor, uniting gloomy bass notes, fierce guitar licks and a clangorously commanding, dashing drum rhythm; atmospheric and firm vocal swagger joins, and the listener is in for an explosive and exciting musical treat

Let's meet yet another 'old' song acquaintance: 'Showdown'. The second live session recording on the band's glorious EP triggers gripping tonal tension with vehemently wavering, impetuous and suspensefully tingling guitar pomp, backed by ponderous drum beats and briskly clanging cymbal reverb. Fervent and incisively thrilling vocal grit adds satisfyingly to the song's downright heady and vivacious melodic mood

Simplistic but stirringmelodious acoustic guitar sonority brimful of inviting atmosphere and yearning euphony introduces 'Must Be A Better Way' to its audience and comes in as a pleasant suprise in compositional style. Ambient, laid-back but absorbing instrumental levity is governed by a soulful and hauntingly vibrant vocal lead of bluesy spirit and smooth allure. It's an emotional closure to 'I Bet She's Filthy' (EP) making a sociocritical, thought-provoking point on lyrical level. 

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The band's second EP 'I Bet She's Filthy' will see its official release on March 29th. Pre-order it now

Embrace the opportunity to see Dirty Rotten Souls live from march to june (the alt-rock trio performs at Leek Blues Festival in October too!)

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