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carpe carmina celebrates Part XI: birthday wishes

As much as carpe carmina would have enjoyed to let every artist who has inspired and sparked, supported and shared its musings, perform a song for its birthday, factors such as busy schedules and economy of time for preparing the subsequent features came into picture; however this doesn't mean the new milestone met was missed or overlooked by those not contributing musically to it (find one exception below, as their congratulation came with an immersive instrumental track), in the course of june. Quite the opposite, as some lovely birthday wishes and messages reached us: 

- Brad Lodge (Midnight Hour

carpe carmina's favourite song of theirs: imagine you would be asked to tell what your favourite song of your (all-time) favourite band is you see the trouble? But if I had to narrow it down to just one, it's gotta be 'Running Away', as it's where it all started for me, my love for indie music, my wish to share the same with as many people as possible, and that's what I'm still doing on here. Without its poignant, powerful lyrics, without Brad's achingly beautiful vocal delivery, without this beautiful ballad in total, carpe carmina wouldn't have seen its 4th anniversary, not even its 1st. #teamMH always!

'Beautiful words, beautiful sentiments, beautiful blog. Happy birthday carpe carmina.' 

carpe carmina's favourite song of his: 'Nothing Is Lost'– it's been the song that got me into James' music and honestly, who can resist such stirring vocal warmth, such solid songwriting, such shiny harmonies? I bet you can't either. 

'Finest blog in the world. Here's to many more years.'

carpe carmina's favourite song of theirs: with gripping guitar work, ardently opulent and atmospheric melodies, complemented by Lee's soulfully raucous voice, 'Branches' is the Fireflys at their finest!

'Happy birthday to carpe carmina and a big shout-out to the creator Nessi Holt for all the amazing work you put down for independent artists and fans of independent music. As being both, I couldn't be happier getting to know you and follow your blog. Keep up the great work and looking forward for many years to come.'

carpe carmina's favourite song of his: uplifting, upbeat and harmoniously infectious 'Psalm For Sinners' is a joyous and jubilant melodic delight to listen to.

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARPE CARMINA, We love you. You truly inspire, captivate and educate with your words. Please never leave us. Thanks for your intransigent support over the years. Always in our hearts, Love We are Bandicoot'

carpe carmina's favourite song of theirs: without any doubt new single 'L.A.X' (out since june 9); it's funky, trippy and energetic in style, invites you to rehearse your 'air-guitar-skills' as sunny melodic swagger and groovy latin rhythms take the lead. 

'A happy birthday to carpe carmina! Having been the first live interview all them years ago [Kismet Ryding in 2014], it's been wonderful to watch your journey and to see how far you have come!! A real inspiration to music lovers and music diggers! Keep on doing what you love!! Xx'

- Tom Humphreys

carpe carmina's favourite song of his: as supporter of intimate and raw acoustic takes on songs, as advocate of all sorts of promising demos, Tom's recent soundcloud upload 'Life' brings along everything necessary to win this very blog over, authenticity and optimism, passion and vibrant melodious appeal.

carpe carmina's favourite song of theirs: it's the melodic momentum and absorbing atmosphere of 'Cinnamon Girl' that makes it so darn appealing. Such a bummer it wasn't on their Glastonbury setlist, but me oh my, what an overall imposing performance it must have been last sunday (honestly, nothing less expected here), given all the buzz generated for it. Hope some of you reading this were in the crowd that day!

'Happy Birthday carpe carmina! I've really appreciated your support and feedback on my music ever since I started out, and it was fantastic to get an honest appraisal and exposure in a new country.

carpe carmina's favourite song of his: darling acoustic melodies and mellow, mellifluous vocalism invite you to fully indulge in 'Time With You', a blissfully euphonious composition rich in lyrical depth and tender tonal charm.

'Carpe carmina always offers a great mix of different styles of music and shows that host Nessi Holt simply knows the scenes very well. We are very thankful to take part in the celebration. Happy 4th anniversary!'

carpe carmina's favourite song of theirs: the one both musicians agreed to premiere on carpe carmina today; 'Dying Breed' evokes a dark and dangerous, luring and fascinating feel, soaks you all in melodiously and thrills as well as spellbinds with hauntingly hazy, ambient riffage. 

'This is M.A.N.E. and I want to wish carpe carmina a happy 4th anniversary. Long may your love of music and your writing about music continue. Love x'
carpe carmina's favourite song of his: chosen as 'carmina charm'-candidate last month, it's obviously gotta be 'In Deep Lovers'. Velvety vocals and a souly, spirited sound you can't ask for much more!

'Carpe carmina is not so much a music blog, more an adventure into the eloquent elegance of writer Nessi Holt's magical musings on her favourite bands and tracks. Every review is unique and the songs come to life with her vivid poise and prose; if you are ever lucky enough to have a song reviewed by Nessi, put that review in a frame and hang it, like the fine art it is, on your wall. Happy birthday, carpe carmina.'

carpe carmina's favourite playlist of his: as former musician, avid muso (his knowledge about music is truly amazing) and dedicated song selector for Radio Kaos Caribou (sonic boom [airdate: each saturday from 6pm (UK) - 8pm (UK)]), working in radio was inevitable for him – the outcome is a bi-weekly mix of eclectic and electrifying tunes, all so creative and colourful in sound and style, that you simply can't choose just one playlist to highlight; which is why I won't but recommend to listen to each of his carefully crafted episodes while finding gem after gem with it.  

Thanks to everyone who did stick around for every performance and article that went up on carpe carmina during its birthday month. It means so much and I hope you enjoyed it all, that you can relate to what is said in the lovely comments made about as well as to what comes across in the congratulations above. See you soon with new content online and remember - carpe carmina celebrates will be back again, it's just too much glee and musical greatness involved to let it go for good.

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