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Single Review & Interview: Jonny Stemp - Holy Days

Jonny Stemp  (london based singer/songwriter)
Genre: acoustic/electronic-ambient
Song: Holy Days 

Stirring songsmith Jonny Stemp caught carpe carmina's interest back in the day when courageous, candid covers and promising demos have been the only sonic samples featured on the artist's soundcloud. And it's been one song in particular that most likely resonated with many for good (reasons), 'We'll Find Out'. Sensitive and soulful in vocal performance, dramatically poignant and tearfully melancholic in melodic attire, the self recorded track certainly has its charm. The expressive and emotional musician, however, has adopted a slightly different compositional approach for his new single, as now released 'Holy Days' shows: a smooth blend of haunting melodies and briskly pulsating electronic layers unfolds with it, ludically tingling, hypnotically hazy beats and harmoniously floating, gracefully dreamy tonal euphony meet and merge with clear vocalism, velvety dulcet and dimly soaked in timbre. Rather ambient still vibrantly sparkling in sound, the song brims over with dynamic tonal vitality, captivates due to its well-balanced and melodiously mesmerizing tone. We'll have to wait and find what musical direction the singer/songwriter gonna take with his forthcoming EP, it's for sure though that carpe carmina will stay tuned in eager anticipation! 

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carpe carmina also got the chance to talk to Jonny Stemp about 'Holy Days', live shows and his current agenda as a musician.

1) It's been a bit quiet about you in respect to music-making recently. Have you been hiding, writing songs or what have you been up to the last couple of months?

Writing more music and exploring new sounds.

2) You are trying to establish your music as a solo artist right now. How has your experience been with being in a band and what are the benefits of crafting and performing on your own?

Although I have decided to be perceived as a 'solo artist', soon I will be encouraging other musicians to join me and start building something special for live occasions.

3) 'Holy Days' shows you have embraced a different style of composing and sound than, for instance, with 'We'll Find Out'. What is the idea behind that and what is to expect from further releases?

I think when you decide to start making your own music, you can expect things to change. Simply the sound of 'Holy Days' was how I felt when I wrote it and resembles certain ideologies that I was experiencing at that time. I will still do piano ballads and other styles. Its important to remain true to what is happening around you.

4) Choose any independent artist you would like to collaborate with for a cover song of choice. Who would it be and what song would you cover?

I'd love to write with RYD and perform it [note: the outcome of the collaboration] together. Great sound, great voice.

5) If you could go back in time, what song of another artist would you love to have written and why?

6) When on stage, performing your music, what is it what you do when ...

[added by Jonny Stemp:  I will start inviting people to live shows when there is some more involvement from people, when I feel like a live show will be exciting and good spirited!]

a) you forget the lyrics of a song?

I don't usually think about what lyrics I have to sing next, I'm usually enjoying the song as much as the next person.

b) you notice the crowd is only fairly entertained or enthused?

Turn the music up.

c) you hear people shouting song titles to you, they would like you to perform?

Embrace and decide if its a good idea or not.

7) What is it that you like most about carpe carmina

Nessi (now, how very adorable is that?!)

Thank you for the interview, Jonny. carpe carmina remains hopeful that any future physical release will include both singles, a dear favourite, emotionally captivating 'We'll Find Out', and the wonderfully catchy and dreamfully alluring 'Holy Days'. 

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