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'We all are one in WEATNU' - Interview with Almark about electronic music movement #WEATNU, its driving force and rules, its successes and plans

'WEATNU is my gift to the independent world' - Almark, originator and head of the electronic music movement WEATNU - short for 'We are the New Underground' - did talk about the reason and inspiration for, about the driving force and philosophy of his 2014 established 'fostering and promotion project' that aims at unheard yet noteworthy electronic musicians to be acknowledged and appreciated for their sense of composing, for their musical audacity and creativity. WEATNU is Almark's 'take on how the independent electronic music scene has been ignored for so long', giving talented musicians with great potential (yet less means) a voice, an opportunity to be heard, to publish and sell their music without fees (with 70% proceeds of every sale going to the artist directly) - when part of the movement's own label, WEATNU Records; it's a chance to connect to like-minded musicians and producers, eventually granting those involved a place to communicate and collaborate.

The essence and philosophy of #WEATNU

Realizing that there has been no ideal representation of electronic music in the mainstream while being aware that a great deal of music goes unheard, especially those of independent artists, Almark aspires to make electronic music, he considers to be a genre 'too special to be ignored', one beyond the scope of EDM, more accessible and successful. He sensed there was a need of bringing the independent electronic artists together, for them to come into the limelight, as no relevant publication organ of the music industry, such as Pitchfork or the Rolling Stone, focused on this genre in particular. His primary goal is to get the music of aspiring and inspired electronic musicians noticed, to get their stories told and heard; however, it's not about bringing the underground to the mainstream, but rather about bringing unknown people to the underground, to the surface, making them part of the contemporary music culture, making their music approachable for those interested in discovering new sounds.

Yet it became apparent that WEATNU is still in progress; it's growing daily as a movement - receiving applications of musicians worlwide, including artists from the UK and Argentina - and as a business too, since it takes care of marketing in the form of afore-mentioned label WEATNU Records and by providing 'purchase' links on the playlists of their very own 24/7 streaming online radio WEATNU [OUR]. Nonetheless there is room to expand and develop, to improve (e.g. with the 'album of the week' feature on WEATNU's website and in its online magazine, Almark aspires to raise stats on bandcamp, to convince people purchasing the music highlighted and promoted over an entire week, in the best case, hopes to get the attention of Vice and other media publications to cover WEATNU's story), there are ideas roaming around waiting for their realization (e.g. offering WEATNU's members to introduce themselves and their music properly by publishing videos of them composing or performing live; Almark has just recently 'revealed his identity', shown his face to the world), which is why Almark calls out to musicians and music enthusiasts likewise to join forces with WEATNU, so that a wider range of interviews can be offered, more articles about electronic music and artists can be published, other ways of music promotion and audience targeting can be pursued.

Alltogether a foundation for electronic musicians to be noticed and represented, has been laid with 'We are the New Underground', and as WEATNU focuses on his online magazine for now, Almark's vision is to not only foster and showcase electronic musos but to help the independent music scene in general, working closely together with other institutions that spotlight music from emergent musicians, such as Radio Kaos Caribou, while he wants the 'unknown bedroom artists' to leave their comfort zone, to enter the stage and expose their creative craft. He wants musicians to look back and say they appreciate all the help they have received from WEATNU over the years. And that's something worth both praise and acknowledgement. 

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