Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

Video Spotlight: The Juveniles - Help Me Out

With yesterday's single release from the Juveniles, let's have a proper look at the band's music video for 'Help Me Out' - we do not only see some familiar faces (and I'm not talking about the rock outfit's ones solely), get swept up in a kaleidoscope of quickly changing sceneries, whilst being exposed to a constant current of thrilling instrumental and vocal intensity, but also learn a thing or two about cinematic essentials.

'Would you help me out? 'Cause I don't know which way to turn.' - as the listener is carried away by the song's tensely dynamic and opaquely flaring soundscape, taken in by the fluorescently flickering, sepia-tinged and erratically episodic visual setting of the 5-piece's recent music video, he might be as well smitten by, empathize with the inner commotion and confusion of the composition's persona, its compulsion to free itself from the irrational and dazzling ties that restrain and distract same. The persona's deep desire to find stability and direction again, is communicated through strong and ardently yearning vocals, its desire to act is depicted by dashing percussion rhythm, whilst a rousing and firm alliance of deep-toned bass and energetic, fierily driven, dimly imbuing guitar lead plays along, conveys instrumental suspense and a dramatic, vivid feel - the persona's fate is uncertain, hazy, yet there's faint hope to figure out how to find its way as well as belonging, how to be heard and taken seriously. The rush of action and reaction, the imminent urge of decision-making the persona sees itself confronted with, is illustrated by a lively, brisk keys arrangement, the excitement and turbidity of life in general embodied by the song's instrumental depth and fuzzy, hymnic reverb (note the fulminant guitar final of 'Help Me Out'). 

In its compositional entirety, the Juveniles' single creates a vivaciously gripping and elusive atmosphere, whilst the corresponding music video relies on the very same, presents itself as vibrant and well-structureddespite its subtle and suspenseful tonal and optic unease.

Oh, as for the familiar face (I'm not talking about the band members still) - a neatly dressed young 'lady' can be seen in the music video for 'Please Don't Change' already, did you spot her here as well? ;) 

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