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EP review: No One Sun - Bogota. An exciting, energetic and harmoniously rich compositional successor to the indie rock outfit's glowing debut record

It has been in late 2014 that the sun rose relentlessly for an aspiring, determined british band and approached its zenith, after the artists released two records rich in haunting harmonies and electrifying atmosphere, insistently gleaming with energy and potential for what was yet to come still, however with no setting (of the sun) in sight. It has been in 2014 also that carpe carmina was part of said band's promising musical ascent and joined No One Sun in celebration of their gig in camden. Back then 'Heads And Volleys' has been presented as a new composition, described on this very blog as one that 'captured due to rising vocals, fascinating instrumental dynamics and infectious, yet smoothly alluring melodic patterns.'. Months later 'Bogota' (EP), the rock-pop performers' second release, saw the day of light, radiating ardent and soulful music, and some time should pass yet again, for it to grace the front of carpe carmina. Now, the moment has finally come that we shall not longer hesitate but be absorbed in the bright and powerful luminiscence of dashing and dynamic indie anthems ...

... the record though uncloses with an audio clip before allowing the audience to delve into its exuberant and energetic melodic amplitude'Bogota' precedes as a memorable, creative opener and alludes to what story lies behind the name-giving of No One Sun's eponymous EP. And it's a good one - ask Dr.Bones, who interviewed the pop-rock outfit in 2013 and wanted the band to answer his question about how social media works for them ...

Nick Noone (lead singer/guitarist)
Gary Faulkner (guitarist/backing vocals)

The first track featured on 'Bogota' (EP) rushes ahead with energetically rhythmic, later on sonorously stormy pecussions, is driven by briskly melodic riffage and mellow yet keenly rising harmonies: initially soulful vocals intensify and adapt a jaunty, vibrantly pushing tone, fall smoothly into line with the boldly rousing, vigorously escalating as well as dynamically oscillating instrumentation 'Heads And Volleys' set. Here's to a powerful sonic salute 

Nick Moulden (bassist) &
 Craig Warburton (drummer)
Jamie Hewson (guitarist/backing vocals/

Vividly swinging and incisively tense riffage rises, whilst excitingly ponderous and impulsive drum strokes herald a tonal eruption yet to come, whilst husky, poignantly emotive vocals emanate wistfulness, unrest, inner strife. A gloomy yet fiercely glowing atmosphere looms, grows stronger with furious and feisty guitar play, with an orotund and forcefully dashing stream of drum beats. It's then more than half way through the track already that 'Someone Help Me Out Tonight' bursts with passionate vocalism and infectiously pacy instrumentals, resulting in a both melodically and lyrically 'noisy', resolute conclusion. 

Craig Warburton (drummer)

With 'Good To Meet You' the listener embarks on sweeping musical journey, is invited to explore a lively layered, dynamic soundscape that exhales vivacious and keen pop spirit proudly and loudly: thrilling and breezily fluttery guitar waves take turns, bow to fervent vocals and allow dim bass dominance to expand, while boisterous drumming accentuates a bracing, perky composition that should easily meet your criteria as 'contagious pop belter'.

Fitting in seamlessly with the friskiness and fiery momentum of 'Good To Meet You', 'I Like This' presents itself in an exuberantly spirited and melodically vivifying tonal guise: ardently expressive vocal virulence soars with enthusiastic vim, allies with upbeat, audaciously torrential drumming and heady guitar hooks. Laying on serene instrumental verve and catchy rhythmic stimulus, 'I Like This', vibrantly pulsating throughout, might even prompt its audience to dance (isn't that a bit of ironic, lyrically?) and sing along in a zestful fashion. Why so hesitant? Raise your voice and take to the floor ...

No One Sun (photo courtesy of trust a fox photography)

No One Sun close the second chapter of their musical opus with a haunting  compositional gem: 'Colder' combines heart, meaningful message and blissfully soaring melodies in a skilful manner. With the involvement of emotional, confident and anthemic vocals within a perkily progressive, atmospheric and copious instrumentation, a soulful symphony of sound manifests, lyrically hovering between glowing hope and painful certainty, eventually leading the way to an ancient wisdom: 'carpe diem' - cherish and seize the day ... 

carpe carmina - cherish and enjoy this melancholic, sentimentally intense and inspiring song

To conclude on a pensive note: whilst reviewing No One Sun's follow-up EP to 'All We Rely On Is Stolen' (remarkable musicianship shows here already in songs such as the soulfully melodious, harmonic 'Home' or the moody, electrifying 'California') it crossed my mind for the very first time, and that despite knowing the quintets' music a good while by now, that the artists' name can be read as a hint to the pop-rock outfit's originator and frontman Nick Noone, therefore can be seen as a tribute to his eminent role in the band's making and in its sound shaping. Taking note of the band's dynamic unity though, its music-making and being must rather be understood as a vivid conglomeration of the talents all artists involved contribute, as there simply is not just one attribute but plenty which make the indie rockers shine. Then again, the name could be loosely read as 'no sun', alluding to sonic characteristics of No One Sun's music, which implies labels such as 'dim', 'elusive', 'shadowy', 'opaque' fitting - yet bearing the vibrantly infectious appeal of both of their releases in mind, these labels simply don't match. What do you think? I'm convinced there is an easy answer to the question where the band's name derives from, as I'm also pretty sure the musicians have been outspoken about its origin in several interviews before ... but you can't stop a creative, curious mind from pondering and rotating, can you?! Neither can such a line of thought be strictly denied given how the name of No One Sun's second EP came into being ... If you want to add to this contemplation, please leave a comment below.

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