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Single Review: Thom Morecroft - On All Night. A melodically sweeping, atmospheric and soulful musical journey commences ...

Single cover of 'On All Night
(photo courtesy of Dave Walker Photograpy)

... and as all good journeys, this one begins with a song.

Renowned, in liverpool and beyond, for his mellifluously husky voice as well as for his imaginative lyrical tales, the Shropshire-born singer/songwriter Thom Morecroft stages tense, atmospheric songs of breathy, therefore raw seemingly, nonetheless warmly soothing vocal volume, deeply ingrained in a melodious and romantically blue soundscape of glowing instrumental intensity, in its euphonious, vibrant entirety aligned with sensitively picturesque and emotive lyricism. Reading these lines, the ardently dynamic chord progression, the exuberant vocal boost of 'Holly', the ambient guitar play and soulfully raucous vocal performance of 'The Beast' might float in your head, resonate charmingly (with you). And it does so with good reason, as Mr. Morecroft's musicianship allows the listeners to merge in his hauntingly imbuing, powerfully written compositions, allows his audience to be in line with his tonal and lyrical musings, to eventually be engrossed and spellbind for the time they last - and linger.

With 'On All Night' the accomplished, artful vocalist strikes a slightly, however notably new musical path: there is no mistaking the singer/songwriter's first single builds upon the folk music mentality some of his previous releases draw from, this time though establishing a sweeping country-esque flair from the very beginning, whilst skilfully showcasing nimbly struck, buoyant guitar cadences, whilst confidently relying on the melodic momentum, on the sonic charisma of his expressive vocal prowess. The liverpool based artist embarks on a musical as well as lyrical journey - it's just him, his thoughts, his voice and guitar reasoning how good company makes the journey itself count, makes it matter more than its actual destination. A melodious, upbeat stream of sound runs from there, vivaciously keen and dynamically bracing, occasionally furnished with haunting, spirited choral harmonies and driven by energetic still raucously smooth vocals. The charming compositional, the alluring audible sum of these tonal traitsmakes the listener feel as if Mr. Morecroftin the end, is at home with his music. (Oh, how he is!)

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