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Video Spotlight: Luke Cusato - Great Beyond. A heartfelt, haunting and museful ballad

'We're in the car with love and pain' ... (footage
by Dave Turley Photography

Impressions, of people, of your enviroment pass you by. A brief glance, you are pushed forward, you push forward. Eager to arrive, to feel, to notice, truthfully and thoroughly. Sceneries commute. Swiftly. You take a deep breath and focus. You understand, realize what matters, people, near and dear to you. You see your destination ahead, notice what surrounds you, picture what is yet to come. Fractions of what is, what has been, what might be, everything coalesces, sweeps away. Shades of darkness and light, fast pace, you roam, search and hope. You reach out, imagine, wish to come to a stand. Together. Breathing out, you step into the light, into the unknown. Silence. Looming motion. You feel an undescribable longing inside, hear a gentle voice full of promise whisper: And we fight for the great beyond, and we fight for the great beyond. And we don't hold back and we can't hold on ... - you take a step forward, pause, ponder, move ...

By engulfing his listeners in a melodic coat of balmy, sensitive vocals, of placid, ambient (electronic) piano serenades, the 19 year old singer/songwriter from Ellesmere Port creates an alluring, dreamy tonal atmosphere which is hard to elude. And once acquainted with Luke Cusato's emotional and intense music making one rather desires to delve into the ethereal, languorous and mellow soundscape that charms with sentimental longing, with subtle, slowly evolving ardency, than to move on. As ephemeral, as dashing the visualization of the lyric video for 'Great Beyond' (note: at the moment not longer available to watch), published by balmymashedcomes in, as yearning the lyrical narration unfolds, it all is slowed down, mellowed by Luke Cusato's smooth and haunting vocalism. Genuine songwriting - enriched by scenic and eloquent musings of the pensive songsmith that is Ali Ingle - and an inspiring sense of composing enchant the listener, carry him away, both for the moment and prolonged. 'Great Beyond' is indeed a deep-felt and stirring composition, and when poetic, museful lyricism is combined with Luke's velvet, soulful voice, the listener is beyond doubt one step closer to come at what he longs for: artful musianship of depth and soul

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