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EP review: Liam McClair - Honey. A mellifluous and soothing jar of heartfelt and heart-rending compositions

'How do I enchant this girl?' - Liam McClair has already charmed his listeners, and not only his female ones, with lyrical love vows and candid contemplations about belonging and destination in life, mesmerized them with his smooth and soothing melodies, with his husky, mellow and sensitive vocals. As Liam's second EP 'Honey' is at the edge of being released, the Manchester based singer/songwriter enriches the mildly and calmly flowing, reserved yet subtle acoustic soundscape that graces his debut record 'How' by installing a more versatile instrumental setting, one that comes in as a harmonic and natural evolvement for what has once solely been a mininmalist yet strongly stirring cocord of balmy, breathy vocal lead and wispy, appolonian guitar guidance

The compositional canvas is coloured in anew, this time with haunting piano splashes, sentimental string section streaks and sweeping harmonica blurs, framed by strong and soulful vocalism - artless but ensouled musical artistry is the outcome, a colourful and refined melodic portray which blooms through reflective and perceptive, mature lyricism and is seemingly destined to capture the audience for good.

'If You're Really Mine' uncloses with exhilarant lightness and serene fluency - vivid and melodically loosened guitar strokes pour, a buoyant and cheerful percussion encore proceedsstill it's with conspicious vibrancy that the composition's sorrowful and disillusioning lyrical vein pulsates, atmospherically embodied through a warm and bluesy vocal outline. Initial melodic moderation soon yields to a more nimble blend of exuberant drum beats and frisky riffage as a heavy-hearted lover is beset with doubts in terms of his relationship's reliability and reach. Running with rhythmic and melodic playfulness, the EP's opening track however succeeds in maintaining a quaint allure all along, thereby enthralls its audience with both lively tonal ease and languorous emotional candour.

                                                                                       The story behind ... 'If You're Really Mine

Blissful, gently rousing riffage aligns with blithe, harmonious clapping and carries the listener lightly along, whilst a soulful and sweeping vocal array enganges him with mild raucousness and poignant expressivity. Ambient and silky in sound, picturesque and sincere in lyrics, 'Girl At The Station' entertains with delicate and natural mirth, enchants with nonchalant and tranquil levity, both being charming compositional characteristics one can only applaud to

                                                                                         The story behind ... 'Girl At The Station

Distantly swirling and dreamy harmonica breezes, mellifluous and sensitively longing vocals, complemented by vibrantly, sunnily beaming guitar riffs, create a placid atmosphere for 'Honey' to blossom: bright and infectious dynamics are unleashed by vivacious still melodically modest drum sweeps, soon softened though due to an euphonious and peaceful string section accompaniment. An ever-present brisk and emotive vocal stream flows smoothly, effortlessly even, shines with confidence and silkiness still when rising in a high-pitched fashion. The EP's compositional eponym eventually appears as tender and heart-rending ode for the lyrical narrator's soulmate

                                                                                                        The story behind ... 'Honey'

Mournful melancholia marches on as soulfully gripping, dreamful and seemingly frail vocals whisper quietly, yet with such intense emotional yearning that despite its limited length 'Fall Down' lingers on even when already tonally faded, that despite its brevity, the song's delightful and mellow instrumentation stirs to the core with heartfelt sentimental longing, with imposing melodic maturity and an overall tearful, solemn feel

Poignantly beautiful, unfortunately trenchantly concise, 'Fall Down' is hold in pleasant memory by its listeners. More of this, please, Mr. McClair

                                                                                                The story behind .... 'Fall Down

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The EP launch takes place on 26th July at The Castle Hotel (Manchester). Doors open at 7pm, supporting acts are Sobi  and Jade Ann 

EP 'Honey' out on Itunes on 28th July.
Get his debut EP 'How' now.

Update: 'Honey' is now available to buy on Itunes. If you're interested in purchasing a physical copy, go check on Liam McClair's bigcartel shop, as both of his EPs are on sale there. 

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