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Video Spotlight: Martin Luke Brown - Nostalgia. A haunting, ambient and shining ballad

Do you ever feel nostalgia? 

There lies something inevitably beautiful in remembrance - long gone moments flare before our very eyes, awoken by a picture, a scent or a melody, a sound solely, elusive nonetheless gripping, intensely relived glimpses of the past come upon us, are cordially embraced. The bygone scenery takes us in again, lures with  engaging promises, promises which have either come to and been crowned by fruition or still lay in and live on in this memory. With nostalgia, melancholia maybe, with delight most certainly we picture what once has been: a colourful and atmospheric vision unfolds, yet it is prone to blur, to pale unless we colour it anew, focus on the memory's centerpiece and delve in from there. On this emotional and inspiring journey we might be flattered by pretence, euphemize pieces of the mental puzzle as we live through and reflect it in the here and now, as we find our peace of mind in mending details to make it a placid, perfect picture, a harmonic vision of sweet bliss and lightheartedness we can derive strength from for the current adversities and commotions in our lifes.  However, even if our 'look back' is illusionary, an embellished and serene version of memory, there is a genuine core we can identify - it's what makes us believe in opportunities yet to come, it's what makes us envision what still lies ahead of us, makes us ponder what moments have, if this very moment we called back to mind has defined our way, makes us eventually believe in creating cherished moments to return to in the long run, to nostalgically indulge in, only to come out with regained energy, prospect and hope

'Do you ever feel nostalgia? Would the kid you used to be, still be proud of ya. Take a step inside of a memory, does the story that you read, come and set you free?' With his debut single 'Nostalgia' the Leicester based singer/songwriter Martin Luke Brown takes a glance at his past and merges in a luring, harmonic childhood memory. It's an emotional and evocative voyage, an intense experience, not only for him, but also for his audience as vibrant and colourful pictures come to mind whilst listening to Brown's warm and sentimental, copious vocals dwelling on bygone moments of felicity and ease. It's these cordial and bracing pictures that are charmingly visualized in the music video for 'Nostalgia': the cherished, placid memory serves as a refuge, a place to reflect one's contemporary situation in the midst of yesterdays, a place to allow the hardships of the present to rest for a while. Opulent lyrical musings find their musical complement in ambient and breezy melodies, in engaging episodes of soulful and poignant vocal murmur - and as the blithe and sweeping sound, the ardent but dreamy vocals enhance dynamically, so does the hope to emerge from the pensive and stirring reminiscence strengthened, confident and with a new perspective, an auspicious prospect of life

'Nostalgia' is a beautiful, haunting and rousing ballad that captivates with its heartfelt compositional essence and with its scenic, memorable visions. It's the song's atmosphere, the imaginative and narrative lyrics, the rich and glowing vocal performance that lead me to believe Martin Luke Brown's prospect as a musician is a more than promising one.

                                                                   Martin Luke Brown - Nostalgia (acoustic) [Reload Sessions]

1) What is it that you're nostalgic about? What are the values and memories you want to cling to, what are the visions you - as a musician - want to embrace and realize in the future?

Just that childhood freedom, you know? No real worries, just the promise of a good future - anything can happen kind of thing. I think so many adults lose the best part of themselves when ‘growing up’. For me as a musician, and as a person really I just want to always be happy, and rather than getting tired of life, embrace it!

2) What has been the most memorable moment in the making process of
'Nostalgia' for you?

There’s been so many good points. The first proper listen after getting home from recording it was great, it felt really good - like all good pop music should I think! The video was also great fun - recruiting the actors and having them and the director all on board aiming towards this same goal was lovely. I love working with a team.

3) You mentioned in an interview once, that writing songs is comparable to
writing a diary entry for you. What is a cherished memory, experience you
would like to write a song about sometime?

Ah, there’s tonnes. I just want to write about things that I find hard to explain in words, weird, undescribable emotions you know? Ones that make a little bit more sense when put to music - there’s something about music that takes language to another level and helps people relate and that’s great, it makes the whole ‘diary’ process even more therapeutic for me when people understand it.

'Nostalgia' gonna be available to purchase on Itunes on June 15th - relive the musical memories you made whilst listening to the song for the first time, get your copy then to add to these memories (pre-order Martin Luke Brown's debut single now).

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Update: Listen to Martin Luke Brown's new single 'Stich' - ardent, soulful and vividly melodious

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