Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

Lovely liverpool 5-piece Little Grace graces 'Burn The Manual's 'The Critics Favourites' section

Little Grace are ambitious artists you'll find yourself quickly warming up to, being most certainly on fire for the compositions they put forth shortly after or already during your (first) listening experience. It's the quintet's sensitive approach and their (emotionally) stirring execution of sound, that makes the band's music one to not only (re)kindle enthusiasm and ardent zeal for but also one to repeatedly fall in love with. It's magical, spellbinding music making that heart-rendingly and deeply affects

Emphatically charmed by the 3 tracks the group of five has featured on their self-titled debut EP - having the heartfelt desire to put down the sentiments and emotions evoked by the band's sincere and soulful music making - Lauren Jones' request to contribute to this month' instalment of 'Burn The Manual' arrived at the opportune moment. It has been not only a pleasure but also a great honor to both share in 'The Music Manual's promising project (brought into being in order to bring inspiring and eclectic music of quality and depth, bright talents, worthwhile events and gigs in the liverpool area to people's attention) and to play a part in what is an extensive and insightful prospect of compositional highlights and artists to watch

Bearing my rather verberous manners in mind though, you sure can tell that my article has been slightly shortened after all. That my write-up about Little Grace eventually kept its charm and coherence is something Lauren herself can claim credit for, as it has been her sensivity and sense as a journalist and blogger to ensure it would make for a good read. Thank you for that (speaking of Mrs. Jones' aptitude as a writer - you should definitely check on 'The Music Manual' (henceforth))! 

Now, if you like to read my full-length descriptive and deservedly favourable appraisal of Little Grace's music debut, continue reading ...

"Heavenly vocal harmonies herald in the soulful and smooth sonority that shapes Little Grace's musicianship. The liverpool quintet lays on expressive and emotive, sweeping compositions, presents depth and heart in melodic arrangement as well as honesty and grace in lyrics. With the recent release of their eponymous debut EP, Little Grace captured the band's rousing musical concord on record: 'Are We Serious?' invites the lister to indulge in catchy and charming melodies, as poignant vocals candidly confess a delirium of love. 'No Missed Calls' impresses with a wonderful rhythmic range, gleams in a bluesy and exuberant euphony that calls for an encore, whilst 'Past Time History' displays a compelling chemistry between haunting, mellow vocals and atmospheric bass notes. Allying with the talented singer/songwriters Luke Cusato and Ali Ingle for their EP launch, one contributing a more ardent vocal colour to the band's music, the other adding raspy refinement to it, Little Grace made a musical mark and left their audience wondering what comes next: a Little Grace & Friends b-side? A remix or rendition of their songs (EDM-virtuoso Jake Kulkowski, also known as dreamy and emotional musicmaker CharmOffensive, sure would be the right one to set his hands to this endeavour)? A full-length record even? I hope for all of it!"

... yet if you rather want to let the music solely appeal to you, listen to the record here: 

Update: since Little Grace's are going through some line-up chances at the moment and working on new music, their eponymous debut EP is currently not available at their bandcamp. 

Little Grace have not been the only ones being firm believers of their debut's excellence though. Local music greats such as Ali Ingle and Luke Cusato joined the quintet in promoting the EP and lend their voices, one even his own yet to be released song, to celebrate the record's publication: 

Little Grace & Friends presents: Ali Ingle feat. Little Grace - Yours Alone 

Little Grace & Friends (Part II): Are We Serious? 

Little Grace & Friends (Part III): Past Time History  (feat. Luke Cusato)


  1. Thank you for posting this expanded article on Little Grace, following your exposition in 'Burn the Manual'. For those like myself who often wander through the musical landscape, it is important to have reminders of those bands that are gems and stand out. Your article definitely served to draw me back to their music and rediscover yet again why they are such an amazing band. You said it in the first paragraph "It's the quintet's sensitive approach and their (emotionally) stirring execution of sound, that makes the band's music one to not only (re)kindle enthusiasm and ardent zeal for but also one to repeatedly fall in love with." Well said! As always, you put together just the right words to capture the sound and atmosphere of the band!

  2. No, THANK YOU for reading and for reliably spreading the word! It means a lot, Michael. I'm glad to hear you rediscovered Little Grace's music, it's indeed exceptionally charming one. Aww, such wonderful compliments - hope they won't get to my head ;) x