Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

Band Spotlight: High/Low

A wise man once told me that brevity is the soul of wit

Ok, let's be honest: I was told so yesterday by a (former) musician and (forrmer) fellow blogger.* And it's the short version of what he actually said, so lesson learned, I believe.

Despite these altered circumstances, there's unaltered truth within his words, that's why I'm gonna cherish and try to follow them. Starting now. 

Hence, let's get straight to what this post is all about: High/Low. A two piece rock band from Southend/Essex who is currently working on their debut album. Why does it concern you? It concerns you since they are an independent band searching for support. Any support. Mainly financial one.

I could tell you now why they deserve your attention, your interest, your money (any independent music label out there, reading this and want to get in touch? Go for it! Find contact information below). But I won't (remember I'm trying to keep this one short and pointed ). All you have to know is, they deserve it. Listen to their EPs and you'll find why. Talk to Steve Weston and Lee Yates and you'll find why.  Let the music speak ....

This being said, it's time to finish it up: help High/Low fund their debut album (hey, repetition to emphasize what's most important about this post, is allowed!). Contribute to something great. 

 High/Low - Soda (official video)  [Raygun Ep]

Album teaser

More music:
Link to fund on High/Low's debut album (the band's kickstarter project involves worthwhile goodies for those who fund): (update: the debut album 'Stuck In A Void' has been successfully funded and is available to purchase here - it's grungy, vehement and rawly reverberative rock glory!)

Where to find these guys on social media: 

Twitter: @wearehighlow 
Official website
 ...  get involved!

.... and since I have a soft spot for acoustic sets, here's one of them for my very own pleasure: 

'Spy Eye' (Forty EP)

* to find out about the wise man's 'secret' identity I'd suggest to check on Chris Haywood. But pssst, don't tell him, I've told you ;)

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